4 Leadership Lessons from Fed Chairs

The Federal Reserve System ("The Fed") was created in 1913. Since then, fourteen men and one woman have served as the chair of the board of the Fed. Their century of leadership has produced several lessons in leadership. Here are the top four: Stick to Your Tough Decisions – Paul Volker's two terms as the Fed... Continue Reading →

First Book by 40ish: 8 Steps to Get Over the Hump to a Life Goal

I’ve had the “I want to write a book some day” item on my ‘bucket list' for a long time. Then life happened and I found myself in my 40s without a book to my name. Two years ago, my first book finally came out. Last month, my third book was released. I am writing this blog to help other aspiring authors get past the hump between 'life happens" and a life goal. Here are the eight lessons that got me over thehump to put my first book out at age 40-something.

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